The Fruit AtThe Bottom Of The Bowl

Remember that Edgar Allen Poe short story where the murderer tries to erase all signs that he had been at the scene and is found there, gibbering, trying to wipe off the fruit at the bottom of the bowl?  Well, having made my decision to change my business name, I find myself in in a  similar position -- and, friends, it ain't pretty!  Here it is, Wednesday morning -- I have a minor show coming up this Friday afternoon and have just been struck by the realization that my price tags and packaging all bear the old name.  I've been congratulating myself on having printed up some temporary business cards with the new name, but I realize that cards are only the beginning.  Besides tags and packaging, I need to transfer my jewelry pieces to a new Etsy shop and inform customers and Etsy "likers" about the move.  I need to inform the State of NC of my new DBA -- don't know if I'll need a new tax ID.  I need to inform the shows I have been accepted to about the new name as well as the shows where my application is still pending.  Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera......... (Plus stuff I haven't even thought about.  Sheesh!)

BRONZE is more Copper than I knew

I created "Indestructible" using three strands of JPL using square-wire jump rings of brass, bronze, and stainless steel.  I attached the tri-metal strands to single, "catch" strands of stainless steel to go around the wearer's neck, just on the off-chance that the bonze would react with the wearer's skin as copper often does for some people.  I really hadn't anticipated a perfect storm -- the juxtaposition  of a pre-teener's skin, a tank top, and a very humid summer's day near Lake Erie.  Evidently, under certain circumstances, bronze can turn the wearer's skin green.  I will certainly keep that in mind for future reference.  In the meantime, I will be replacing "Indestructible #1" with "Indestructible #2," to be woven entirely of stainless steel rings!


We'll remember Irene

If my hand-forged + chainmaille  windchime had been out on the deck today, it would be blown to pieces by Hurricane Irene.  Although, as I write this, the sustained winds are only clocking in at around 20 mph, some gusts ARE being measured at 50 mph.  Fortunately, for the Raleigh area anyway, Irene dealt only a glancing blow to the North Carolina coast.   On the coast itself, however, some fishing piers,  including the one at Emerald Isle, fell  (ouch!) victim to the storm and are now in wrecked heaps in the shallows and on the beach.  

Here in Cary we're getting off pretty lightly, though I imagine that the out-of-town vendors who were already on the road yesterday when the LazyDaze show was cancelled (for first time in 35 years)  don't think so!   No way to reschedule, off course.  Bummer!


So What IS in a name?

I have been doing business as "New Byzantium Designs" for over 2 years.  I am now taking the plunge to change my business name to "LadySmyth Metals" and yes, I do know all the very good reasons not to do this.  But there are even better reasons to change the name.  In the course of the last 2 years I have come to what I believe is a very well considered conclusion that "New Byzantium Designs" is unpronounceable, unmemorable and uninformative.  I have heard way too many potential arts-and-crafts show clients  stumble over the old name and found myself mentally gritting my teeth every time.  Whenever I visit my local fixture supply house, the manager always inquires whether I have "gotten rid of that awful name yet?"   (Well, I guess he rembers it, but for the wrong reasons.)  Friends and family had doubts about the old name right from the beginning.  Soooooooooooo, here we go!  Good-bye, "New Byzantium Designs" and hello,  "LadySmyth Metals."