Waiting for my kiln

I have long wanted to "do" metal clay, but it never seemed practical as I had no easy access to a kiln.  Now I am getting my own - tomorrow is "der tag" and I'll be looking for the UPS man.  My Shop Elf has been busy setting up a super spot for the kiln, with ceramic tile no less.   

Copper and Brass ("and bears. Oh My!")

I'm trying to learn to love alternative metals. (God help me!) 

I did a show in Chapel Hill (NC) last weekend.   Even with the price of silver declining somewhat, I had decided to make some alternative metal pieces -- that is -- non-silver. One of these pieces, the bracelet pictured here (copper washers, brass jump rings, brass filigree and an inch of copper tubing), was the first thing that sold.  I was pleased with my sales -- 3 times my entry fee plus food for two at the show.  BUT, didn’t sell a single silver piece.  Hmm…….

Actually, I'm very taken with this bracelet and will design more in this line, but it is somewhat of a  departure from what I have been doing.


Handmade for Gifts

I'll be adding this great logo (created by Aspiring Metalsmiths group menbers, Tana McLane and Lisa Whitten) to my side-bar until after the holidays.  Happy Handmade, everyone!