My Muse is in the Metal (and My Other Stuff)  
Using One’s Materials As the Source of Inspiration

Today, the group Aspiring Metalsmiths is blogging about finding one's muse. 

When I'm at work in my home studio, inspiration is not hard to come by.  My workbench is angled towards a wall of floor to  ceiling high windows, with  a northern exposure and really Ab(solutely)-(Fab(ulous)  light!  My jewelry books, catalogs and tutes are in a dedicated bookcase to my left.  My forging bench is over my left shoulder just behind me.  A 24/7/365 ceiling fan overhead keeps the air around me  in constant motion.   My trusty flex-shaft is attached to the right side of my workbench and my materials' stash is shelved to my right as well.   From my workbench, I look out on a glen of young and not so young hardwoods and a two acre pond.  I often find it hard to believe that I'm in the middle of suburbia.  Although it’s very cool to watch the seasons unfold beyond the deck, I can’t really say that nature is the inspiration for my work. 

On the other hand, sitting down with my materials' stash is likely to generate productive questions directly related to my designs.  How can I use this?  Will these two elements, or this group of elements, “work” together?  Which metal or metals are right for which chainmaille weave or forging project?  Which colors or shapes for any embellishments?  What findings?  Which clasp?  What visual “flavor” will this combination produce?  What matches or contrasts will these materials allow me to achieve?  Which blends for harmony?  What juxtapositions for surprise? 

But, let’s back up a step or two.  My materials didn’t just appear out of thin air like something from a Star Trek replicator.  At one point or another, I bought all the stuff in my stash.  All my materials are reflections of me – what I enjoy working with, and what I liked the look of.  Or, maybe some of my materials are left-overs from projects past or never weres. 

So, what did come first – the having or the inspiration?  Neither?  Both?  When I swoon over all the brass thingies at the local, un “big-box” hardware store, or see a potential clasp in a small, stainless steel shackle, or just have to buy some of those pretties from Ornamentea (even though I use very few beads or embellishments), what IS going on?  Is my Muse already sitting on my shoulder? 

Looking back at the title of this Post, I evidently thought I knew the answer to this question when I started writing.  But clearly the question is much more complicated than I thought.  I guess that’s the nature of art – always more questions and very, very few answers.

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[An addendum and further food for thought:  My friend Lisa Barth, wire-worker and metal clay artist extraordinaire, just published a book Designing From The Stone: Design Techniques for Bezel Setting in Metal Clay Using the Stone as Inspiration (ISBN-10: 1463576471)
I think her approach to design has applications beyond metal clay.  Check it out.]