At one point last week, while preparing for 2 back-to-back shows, I decided I am a glutton for punishment.  During the show set-ups and break-downs this weekend, I often feared the "shop elf" would quit (or divorce me.)

But we got thru both days and lived to tell the tale.  Fortunately, the weather was fantastic, even for Carolina -- mid 50s on Saturday and mid-60s on Sunday with sunny skies the whole time.

My sales at Cary's Ole Time Winter Festival were only middling (about 2x fees.)  There were some buy-sell vendors there, and the visitors were really not looking to buy at my price point.

On the other hand, my sales at Raleigh's Boylan Heights Art Walk were fabulous!  (7x (+) fees.)  All the art displayed was original and all artists were on site, set up on neighborhood lawns and porches.  (FUN!) The visitor traffic was heavy and constant and folks were ready to spend -- a great combination. 

Now my display units are stored away and the trailer covered.  I'll while away what passes for winter here, making my jewelry, working on my photography, honing my show applications and writing this blog.  :)

Handmade for Gifts

I'll be adding this great logo (created by Aspiring Metalsmiths group menbers, Tana McLane and Lisa Whitten) to my side-bar until after the holidays.  Happy Handmade, everyone!