Nagging Annoyance -- Drastic Measures

My favorite pliers are the Lindstroms with the padded handles and black plastic "springs."  I love how they feel in my hands  as they give me great control.  BUTTTTTTT, the plastic springs were always either falling out or seemed to be on the verge of falling out.  This drove me absolutely crazy.  I found myself being tentative as I grasped any pair I had set down, fearing the spring would go flying.  I seemed to spend an inordinate ammount of time looking for and/or reattaching these springs.  So, I decided to use super glue to permanently attach the  springs to the pliers, and d- - - the consequences.  WOW! I can't believe how my chain-work has speeded up.  No worries -- no wasted time or motions.  Of course, I may have a problem down the road when the springs break in the middle, but I'll cross that bridge, etc.