BRONZE is more Copper than I knew

I created "Indestructible" using three strands of JPL using square-wire jump rings of brass, bronze, and stainless steel.  I attached the tri-metal strands to single, "catch" strands of stainless steel to go around the wearer's neck, just on the off-chance that the bonze would react with the wearer's skin as copper often does for some people.  I really hadn't anticipated a perfect storm -- the juxtaposition  of a pre-teener's skin, a tank top, and a very humid summer's day near Lake Erie.  Evidently, under certain circumstances, bronze can turn the wearer's skin green.  I will certainly keep that in mind for future reference.  In the meantime, I will be replacing "Indestructible #1" with "Indestructible #2," to be woven entirely of stainless steel rings!

1/21/2014 03:02:23 am

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